How does the Workforce Tool work?

The system offers a set of modular tools that have been designed, from the ground up, for the Primary Care sector. Tailored specifically for Primary Care workforce management, across multiple clinical services, it handles much more than scheduling and rostering of staff and includes professional profile management for clinicians, induction, billing and performance tracking.

These are the available account types

  • Practice Manager
  • Hub Manager
  • Practitioner (GP, Nurse, Pharmacists and Paramedics)
  • Admin staff

The Platform

This is the core set of features and functions upon which the accounts and modules are built

A web-based system that matches primary care workforces to workplace requirements

Combines manual administrator matching with automated hierarchical logic based matching

Proximity, skill & preference based workforce availability (any workforce)

Multi-workforce capable (within single interface)

Request & book system

Complex scheduling rules, logic & automations handling real-world complexity

Communications & notifications

Invoicing & reporting

Practitioner and other staff accounts

Register and setup your professional details, qualifications, skills and certificates

Set your availability for work in practices

Join local hub services such as EHS and set separate availability for hub work

Receive request to work from practices and assignments from hub

Get automated notifications & reminders of all work

Respond to requests and assignments with a click

Keep track of all your work in a calendar

Keep private notes for any part of any day

Generate invoices for work to practices (Hub invoices auto generated for you)

Practice manager accounts

Find session cover across multiple workforce types

Request & book cover with open communication and step-by-step notifications

Manage ongoing schedule for all request and confirmed cover

Post special cover requirements to local workforce

Build trusted list of practitioners

Hub manager accounts

Recruit staff directly into Hub via underlying practitioner network

Manage Practitioners profiles and professional governance

Manage staff induction to Hub

Auto match staff to hub shift requirements (with manual over ride)

View ongoing Schedule of hub assignments

Allows for controlled self-assignment for unsolved shifts

Contractual requirements tracking and reports